there are people who legitimately enjoy and are serious about 50 shades of grey and that concerns me and baffles me at the same time

it was first love bullshit. I grew up. I got over it

lmao if you honestly hate tara knowles for doing everything she had to do to save her children from a dangerous life then you’re a fucking idiot and you need jesus



how do i get this picture of myself tumblr famous

i want this tattooed on my back

We get out now or we die trying.

                    You don’t get it. We’re already d e a d.


a reasonable impersonation of hygeine

Sophie Turner  photographed by Justin Campbell @ San Diego Comic Con



*upper middle class fucker voice* But you have [one nice thing] so how are you poor 


At the end of the hallway she turns and says, “Have a piece of cake for me, all right? The chocolate. It’s delicious.” She has been to the compound before. She remembered this hallway. She knows about the initiation process. My mother was Dauntless.